Home away from home

Jersey night March 1, 2010

Floor Hockey Fans:  Do you have a passion for floor hockey?

Updated June 21, 2011

Sacramento Floor Hockey, aka The Floor Hockey Group, is looking for players.  Read this entire page to see if we play the kind of game you are looking for.  If we do please email Mark at SacramentoFloorHockey dot com

What you thought you left behind (when you moved to California) is right here;  The Floor Hockey Group.

Canadians, people from the East Coast, New Yorkers and people who understand them, fans of the Flyers, Red Wings, the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Black Hawks, Bruins, Canadiens, Blues, Devils, Maple Leafs, Canucks, Senators, Flames, you may have found your home away from home.  You moved west like the Great Gatsby, trading in everything you knew and loved (notably hockey) for the sunshine, peace signs and laid back attitude of California.  You thought that all was lost, that hockey would be a part of your past except for watching it.  Playing hockey, especially.  You were sad, so sad, but decided to make a trade.

Here’s the good news: you do not have to give up all that you loved about hockey.  Why?  Because, hockey fans, we have The Floor Hockey Group.  We have Monday night floor hockey in Sacramento.  We have the speed, the skill, the teamwork. We have many of the elements, in fact all the essential elements, of hockey.

This is a non-violent, co-ed game.  Rule #1 is No Pushing!  But you’ll quickly find out, if you don’t already know, that we have kept the essential elements of hockey.  And that your love of the game, your need for hockey on a regular basis, can be satisfied here.  Not only that but we are some of the nicest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Join our co-ed, non-violent floor hockey game on Monday nights in Sacramento from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

My goal is to create a large enough and committed enough group of floor hockey players that we can play almost every Monday night all year long in the spirit of a friendly, social, safe, non-violent, yet somewhat competitive game.

You do not have to have a high level of floor hockey experience or skill, but you do have to have a high level of desire to create or co-create this atmosphere and type of game.  This is a friendly game but it is still possible to get bumps bruises, and other injuries.  Play at your own risk.  By playing you agree to play at your own risk, assuming all responsibility for injury regardless of the cause.

The good news continues.  Floor hockey is free for first time players.  After that it’s $5 per night.  There is also the cost of liability insurance, which we share.  Please join us.  You may have just found your home away from home.

Our new home as of December, 2009 is

The Samuel C. Pannell Meadowview Community Center at 2450 Meadowview Road.


This is a relatively new (about 12 years old) wonderful facility.  Most important, they want us!  We have now played there for all of 2010.  It has worked out beautifully.  We had to adapt to the floor surface because they do not have a hardwood floor.  Fortunately we found the Profelt puck, an all felt puck from floorhockey.net.  These are the perfect solution to our new floor because they glide smoothly and stay flat.  They are also lightweight.

We have a schedule for all of 2011 on our schedule page.  You can download it and view it.