Privacy policy

Dear floor hockey fans and interested people,

The Floor Hockey Group recently (November 2) ran its first “lead ad” on facebook.  The purpose is to find new players, male and female, for our fun, friendly, and competitive weekly floor hockey games.  Facebook requires us to have a privacy policy and a clear and prominent disclosure that if a user submits data to you through a Lead Ad, such data will be governed by your privacy policy.  This is that disclosure.

Our privacy policy is this.  If you enter your name and contact information into our lead ad we will use it for the sole purpose of contacting you to invite you to our floor hockey games at the beginning, broadly speaking, and to answer your questions about the games, rules, equipment, etc.  By the way everything you need to know is on our “Rules, etc” page.  We will not sell, share, trade, publish, or otherwise disclose your name and contact information to anyone.  The Floor Hockey Group does not market or sell any products.

The only “service” we have, and it’s not really a service, is our weekly floor hockey games.  That is what we are promoting.  We are looking for people with a very good attitude who want to buy into our philosophy of a friendly yet competitive weekly floor hockey game where Rule #1 is, “No Pushing!”.  You do not have to have any particular level of floor hockey skill.  Nice people, friendly people.  And people who will usually or often, but not necessarily weekly, take the time to reply by Friday afternoon to our email reminder / invitation, usually sent out on Wednesday, with a “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”.  We understand that life often gets in the way and we do not require your commitment to reply every week.

We also maintain an email list for our weekly reminders / invitations about the floor hockey games.  If, after you play floor hockey with us and if we like you, you request to add your name and email address to this list, we will add you.  This is not done through facebook.  It is done through normal email.  When we send out these reminders / invitations each recipient’s email address is shown in the “To:” field.   If you do not want that then do not ask to be added to that list.  Occasionally floor hockey is cancelled because not enough players replied “yes”.  By finding new players we will reduce the frequency of this.  Being on the list is how you would know that it is cancelled.

At any time you can ask to be removed from that list and you will be removed.  We may also remove you if you choose not to respond to repeated invitations.  No hard feelings.  Floor hockey is for those who want it.

Annual group photos.  Each year on the first Monday in March we take a group photograph.  We upload this photograph to our home page and may upload it to our facebook page.  We may also print a copy of the group photo to give to the Pannell Center (where we play) and they may display the group photo at the Pannell Center.  If you do not want to be in a group photograph that is on in any or all of these places please do not be in the group photo.  It is optional.  By being in the group photo you consent to us using that photo as described here.

The Floor Hockey Group intends to completely respect your privacy as described here.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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