At the Jewish Federation

October 2009, Sacramento

It is the end of an era.  We began playing floor hockey at the Jewish Federation in Sacramento on March 6, 2006.  Since then we played year round, as many Monday nights as we could.  The Federation has been so friendly and cooperative with us, making this all possible.  We have truly enjoyed and appreciated playing floor hockey in our little paradise.

October 26 was our last Monday night game at the gym. There were 10 buildings and lots of acres, a couple of playgrounds, a baseball field, a grove of trees and even a haunted house.  I took some pictures of the haunted house and will post them later.

Update:  Later has arrived.  Today is Monday, December 4, 2017.   It has been eight years since I wrote this page.  Now I will add the pictures that I promised.

This was the haunted house.  We did not even go in there.  It was boarded up.

Naturally the Haunted House was handicapped accessible.

The Haunted House in all its glory.

The sign on the office building, the building that held the JF office.

That’s our beloved gym, or it was.  Go past the 2351 sign and enter on your left, 2 doors.

The gangway.  In the summer we would stand out here and cool off between games.

This is what our gym looked like after it was painted in about 2008.  Narrow hardwood floor and a much smaller court than we play on today.

The office of the Jewish Federation was through those doors.  There were usually 2 people working there when we got there.

A good view of the hardwood floor in the gym

This was on the back (North) side of the office building.  Let’s go with that.


The sale of the entire campus closed in November, 2009.  The bulldozers were in there within days, demolishing everything in site.  Our beloved place is gone, but we remember it.

Many thanks to the Jewish Federation for all your help, support and so on in the last 3 1/2 years, especially Michal and Joanna.  It was a fantastic run and you enabled the floor hockey group to have a home for our first 3 1/2 plus years.

Many of the videos on this site were taken at the Jewish Federation.  You can tell because the camera is different (Hi-8) and the place looks completely different from our new home.  We loved that old narrow board hardwood floor.

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